Get to Know Lisa

Hi! I’m Lisa Sewell, wife to a wonderful husband and stay-at-home mother to two lively little ones. The most true thing about me is that I am a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. It’s the foundation for all I do and fuels every passion I have!

I am blessed to live in a small town in Southern Missouri, where I get to share in the beauty and diversity of quiet country living. Over the years I’ve come to see that what some people consider “hick towns” can inspire many of the deepest joys and most wholesome ways of life possible.

My Bachelor’s degree is in History and my Master’s is in Library Science. Preserving the Present is a mashup of these two passions of mine. I love learning history, collecting and preserving it, and curating it for others to enjoy!

I was inspired to start blogging during a visit to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum in Mansfield, MO in 2019. I’ve always been fascinated by how our ancestors lived, down to the tiniest detail; a return to the ways of the past can inform the present in meaningful ways. As I read Laura Ingalls’ writings in the museum, I came across an article she wrote for a newspaper about how she designed her kitchen. Immediately I made a connection to modern times: bloggers are like the freelance newspaper writers of the past! I then began to wonder…

  • What if I could capture tiny elements of daily living that would otherwise fade into memory, and then forgetfulness?
  • What if I could gather precious memories and history before they are forgotten, and bring them together to a place where we can enjoy revisiting them both today and years from now?

And so Preserving the Present was born.

My hope is that this blog will bring you inspiration and joy as you read.

  • Inspiration to try something new, do something old in a new way, or look at life from someone else’s perspective.
  • Joy born of walking down Memory Lane’s most pleasant byways.

Join me in Preserving the Present.

Happy reading!